Tracking data from IoT will be "difficult", warns Verto Analytics

Tracking data from IoT will be “difficult”, warns Verto Analytics

01 DEC 2015

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Hannu Verkasalo, founder of media measurement firm Verto Analytics, expressed concern over challenges facing the industry in tracking data once the effects of IoT and more connected devices take hold.

Verto works across a range of verticals to provide media measurement capabilities for advertisers, marketers and publishers to analyse consumer behaviour on the internet. The company also recently launched the ‘Verto Content Watch’, a service that measures how people behave across different devices connected to the internet, including smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, by looking into the apps and services they use.

While the Content Watch service addresses some of the fundamentals of IoT, Verkasalo told Mobile World Live things will become more technically challenging as more devices and more sensors become interconnected.

“Today, we already track 10 different device types used by consumers, and it’s going to get more complex from a research point of view,” he said. “It’s going to be more difficult to track everything and bring everything into one service in terms of the approach to measure that. The evolution of devices will continue and we will certainly follow up on that, but technically it will make things more challenging in the future.”

Verkasalo also talked up some of the solutions being introduced by Verto, with the company providing media measurement services by working independently from both app providers and telcos to get information. He said, as a whole, “there’s been a lot of capabilities to collect data and track usage,” but the industry needs educating in the ways of Verto’s new model.

The key bottleneck now, according to Verkasalo, is how to use the data in question and make it valuable.

To hear his full thoughts on these issues, click here.


Kavit Majithia

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