Light-enabled connectivity specialist pureLiFi chalked up a customer win, signing a three-year contract with US-based Fairbanks Morse Defence (FMD) which will resell the company’s technology to maritime defence customers.

The UK-headquartered company’s Kitefin technology will be paired with FMD’s FM Onboard platform to provide mission critical communications on ships.

PureLiFi previously deployed the technology on land. CEO Alistair Banham stated the agreement with FMD expands Li-Fi to maritime use cases and bolsters the company’s presence in the US.

FMD CEO George Whittier added the platform will enable ship technicians to securely communicate with land-based experts to troubleshoot issues.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

PureLiFi noted it previously worked with FMD through an accelerator programme covering defence start-ups.

FMD’s customers include the US Navy and Coast Guard, and Canadian Coast Guard.

Li-Fi is a mobile wireless technology that uses light instead of radio frequencies to transmit data.