Jasper CEO urges operators to do more with Internet of Things

Jasper CEO urges operators to do more with Internet of Things

06 OCT 2014

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Mobile operators can play a more central role in the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT) market if they play their cards right on networks and partnerships, according to Jahangir Mohammed, chief executive of Jasper, a cloud-based IoT software platform provider.

“Operators could make their networks more useful and easy to use, as well as package software [on top of the network] to help enterprises transform,” he told Mobile World Live in a recent interview. “The true power of [the] Internet of Things is that it can help enterprises transform from a product business to a connected services business.”

A bigger role will involve partnerships with the likes of Jasper, which plays in the service software space. Operators, he added, could do more in marketing and selling applications that enterprises might find useful.

One of the IoT areas Mohammed sees holding out much promise is remote services, which can help enterprises make the transition he talks about. He gave the example of a copier machine manufacturer who can move from a business model based on a one-time equipment fee to one based on a charge per page.

Another growing IoT category is the connected car. “In the next five years, pretty much every car sold will be connected,” said the Jasper boss. He sees home automation and security, and smart grids for more efficient energy distribution, as other hot IoT areas.

“IoT is in early stages but momentum is growing and it’s going mainstream,” said Mohammed. “The growth we’ve seen in the last two years and what we’re seeing in the next two years is really amazing.”

Watch the full video interview here.


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