Federated Wireless teamed with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft to launch a new connectivity-as-a-service offer, aimed at making it easier for enterprises to deploy private 4G and 5G networks.

Kurt Schaubach, Federated Wireless CTO, told Mobile World Live Microsoft and Amazon’s respective cloud marketplaces will serve as virtual storefronts where enterprise customers will be able to browse and buy its connectivity services. They will also be able to purchase IoT applications from the AWS Partner Network.

Once an order is placed, Federated Wireless will take over the fulfilment process, developing the network design for a given facility, arranging equipment supply and installation, and configuring and managing the system.

Schaubach highlighted “pent up demand for private wireless networks”, but said the deployment and management process is “just a hard thing to do right now”. He explained the “market was clearly indicating” demand, but was calling for “someone to step in and simplify” the process.

He flagged industrial automation, critical communications, and safety and security as key applications the company is targeting.

The service will initially use unlicensed spectrum in the 3.5GHz band, which the US Federal Communications Commission recently opened for commercial use.

Schaubach said the company also plans to offer customers the option to lease licensed spectrum once it becomes available: “We ourselves would not go acquire those licences, but we have seen lots of interest from entities intending to participate [in the auction] to make their spectrum available through leasing in areas where they are not using it.”

Federated Wireless is one of four companies certified to provide a Spectrum Access System to prevent interference between new and incumbent users of the 3.5GHz band.