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Elisa commits to tough carbon goals for 2020

11 MAR 2020

Finnish operator Elisa pledged to become the first Nordic operator to become carbon neutral, committing to fresh initiatives to cut emissions by 11 per cent this year.

In a statement, the operator said it will offset emissions from staff commutes and mobility, and backup power for its network by implementing more energy reduction measures and acquiring carbon offset credits.

Companies can buy carbon offset credits to fund projects to cut emissions, essentially compensating for every tonne of CO2 their operations create.

The move is a “major step” for the operator to achieve its sustainability goal said CEO Veli-Matti Mattila.

“Climate change now requires effective action also from businesses, and we want to contribute to the faster achievement of a carbon neutral society. In addition to our own energy efficiency measures, we can impact the change right now, with certified offset credits.”

The operator stated it cut carbon emissions 60 per cent since 2016 by using renewable energy, optimising networks and using emerging power-efficient technologies. The company also highlighted it funnels heat emitted from its data centres into its district’s heating network.

Measures were also pushed to reduce the carbon footprint of its staff, for example by holding virtual meetings.

In 2018, the operator took part in the Science Based Targets initiative, which offers companies guidance on climate action plans in line with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, a strategy formed in 2016 which aims to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celcius above pre-industrial levels.



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