AT&T issued a requirement for managers to prove they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 (coronavirus) before entering a work location, responding to a recent surge in cases.

An operator representative told Mobile World Live it took the step following consultations with medical experts and feedback from staff. AT&T implemented the condition immediately, though granted unvaccinated individuals several weeks to comply.

The representative explained the move aimed to “provide for effective business continuity”.

“Unvaccinated managers whose job classification requires office work will need to make plans to be fully vaccinated by 11 October, unless they get an approved exception or accommodation”. Until then, staff are asked to work from home.

AT&T also requires staff to wear a face covering indoors whenever they are around other people, a decision based on Centres for Disease Control guidance.

The operator considers the measures as workplace safety issues and plans to discuss future measures with staff unions.

A handful of other major US corporations issued similar requirements.

Earlier this week Verizon recommended employees wear masks indoors, but is not making it a requirement.