Apple agreed to pay €500 million in back taxes to the French government, concluding a multi-year audit of the company’s accounts in the country, multiple news outlets reported.

In a statement to Reuters, Apple confirmed a deal was reached, but said the amount will be disclosed at a later date in its public accounts. French authorities declined to comment, citing tax secrecy regulations.

The deal comes as France steps up efforts to levy taxes on tech giants including Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

Reuters reported that in December 2018, French minister of the Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire said the country will implement a national tax on digital revenue if ongoing attempts to set a European Union-wide rate fail.

The French action comes after Apple repayed €14.3 billion in tax breaks offered by the Republic of Ireland after the European Commission judged the deal illegal. The funds are being held in escrow pending the outcome of an Apple appeal of the decision to the European Court of Justice.