Engineering services company Altran moved to open its edge compute platform to more developers, incorporating Intel’s open network edge services software (OpenNESS) toolkit seeking benefits around integrating and managing third-party services.

The company stated OpenNESS enables it to offer uniform 4G and 5G interfaces on its edge compute platform, which it said offered benefits in terms of accessing the capabilities and accelerators of Intel’s Xeon processors.

In turn, this will “boost computing and I/O performance and cut network latency” Altran stated.

Shamik Mishra, Altran VP and global chief industry architect, told Mobile World Live the company believes the success of edge computing depends on “open standards to enable application developers and enterprises to innovate through edge computing apps”.

“Without open architectures, it will be difficult to build an innovative application ecosystem.”

Ultimately such architectures will be “more scalable and extensible for consumers of the edge ecosystem”, he added.

Altran stated it is also working with Intel to develop a global multi-operator edge platform based on GSMA’s Operator Platform specifications: they are working to deliver proof-of-concept demonstrations on operator sites later this year.