The US Commerce Department extended until 30 August temporary relief for ZTE from export controls.

The restrictions were imposed earlier this year following accusations the vendor had breached sanctions placed on exporting high-tech equipment to Iran.

The renewed licence from the US government enables the telecoms vendor to continue exporting products that contain US technology.

ZTE was previously granted relief in March but that period was due to expire later this week (30 June) but now the vendor has a further two-month stay.

Back in March, the commerce department said if ZTE cooperated then it would grant a further reprieve beyond the end of June.

The department posted a statement online, but did not give reasons for its decision.

The extension is good news for ZTE, which replaced a number of top executives after the original accusations.

“This extension of relief reflects ZTE’s continuing efforts to fulfil its commitments to create a best-in-class compliance program. It also recognises ZTE’s determination to cooperate with authorities, resolve the continuing investigation and share information as requested,” ZTE chairman and president Zhao Xianming said in a statement. Zhao assumed his position following the previous departures.