Singapore cellcos upgrade 4G plans ahead of iPhone launch

Singapore operators upgrade 4G plans ahead of iPhone 6 launch

15 SEP 2014

Singapore’s mobile operators are raising prices of entry-level 4G plans by SGD2-3 ($1.60 to $2.40) but also are offering larger bundles of data, voice and SMS with 24-month contracts. Top-tier plans now cost as much as SGD15 more.

The biggest change is that the three top players are now charging SGD10.70 ($8.50) for an additional gigabyte of data (with a cap of SGD168 at StarHub and SGD188 at M1). StarHub previously charged SGD4.28/GB.

The new plans kick in on Friday – iPhone 6 launch day.

StarHub introduced five 4G bundles, with the entry-level plan offering 3GB of data, 150 minutes of outgoing calls and 1,000 SMS for SGD42.90 (about $32.30). That’s about SGD3 more than its previous comparable plan (SmartSurf) with 2GB and 100 minutes of calls and 800 SMS. But since the plan was essential for 3G service, subscribers needed to pay a SGD2.14 4G service fee, which is now waived. So the fee adjustment is marginal – especially given the extra gigabyte and minutes.

The operator’s top-tier 4G plan now offers unlimited voice and SMS and 12GB of data for SGD220 ($176). That’s up from SGD205 previously, with the plan covering 12GB, 2,000 call minutes and 2,500 SMS.

StarHub senior VP of mobility Chan Kin Hung told Mobile World Live that its LTE-Advanced network offers a peak download rate of 300Mb/s and supports VoLTE on four handsets – Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG G3 and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

He said by the end of the year it will have increased the number of 4G base stations by 70 per cent.

The company said it will no longer offer the SmartSurf plans starting Friday.

M1 also adjusted its plans last week and raised rates. It now offers six 4G bundles. Its i-Lte+ comes with 200 minutes of voice, 1,000 SMS and 3GB of data and costs SGD41. That’s SGD2 more than previously.

Its top-tier offering is SGD208 and has unlimited voice, 5,000 SMS and 13GB.

Meanwhile, market leader SingTel, which also offers six plans from 500MB to 12GB, increased the rate to SGD42 for 200 minutes of voice, 1,000 SMS and 2GB. That’s about SGD3 more than the comparable plan before.

SingTel’s top-tier bundle is SGD220 and offers 12GB of data and unlimited voice and SMS.

All three operators offer free incoming calls and the SMS packages are for local texting only.


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