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Panasonic impresses with 4K TVs and tablets

08 JAN 2013

LIVE FROM CES 2013: Panasonic President Kazuhiro Tsuga formally opened CES 2013 this morning in a keynote address that underlined the struggling Japanese vendor’s attempt to return to health by diversifying into new areas.

“Panasonic’s future is being built on far more than a single product category,” said Tsuga. “We are focusing our business activities on four broad areas in which we impact people’s lives — residential, non-residential, personal and mobility.”

While the firm has not (yet) announced any new phones at the show, it showed off a new 4K OLED TV, which at 56-inches is thought to be the world’s largest OLED panel – as well as a mammoth 20-inch Windows 8 tablet that also sports a 4K resolution.

The TV weighs just 27 pounds and is less than a half-inch thick. “The engine driving Panasonic OLED is our printing technology, which gives us the ability to make panels that are larger and more affordable than our competitors,” said Joe Taylor, CEO of Panasonic North America, who was also on stage.

Taylor also unveiled the 4k tablet which boasts a 20-inch display which is less than one-half inch thick. “This new Windows 8-based business tool is incredibly thin, light and portable,” he said.