Orange outlined a series of measures to reduce energy consumption in France during the winter months, the latest European operator to set a plan into motion ahead of potential power shortages which media speculated could lead to network issues.

The plan involves Orange France cutting between 5 per cent and 10 per cent of instantaneous electricity consumption for an hour a day, switching to battery power for several thousand fixed installations.

It also committed to limiting heating use in offices and close quieter work spaces at certain periods. In its retail stores, Orange will to continue with a policy introduced last month of switching-off all window lighting within half an hour of closing.

The operator stated power-cutting policies will have no impact on end users.

Orange also plans to implement various measures to encourage energy saving among its customers.

CEO Christel Heydemann said: “In an uncertain geopolitical and economic context, we share the French government’s concerns and we have developed a concrete plan to support the national energy saving initiative.”

“But I must point out that networks are crucial for an effective society,” she added. “We must work together to avoid load shedding measures this winter”.

Contingency plans
Other large operators have also made steps towards contingency planning for potential power shortages.

A Deutsche Telekom representative told Mobile World Live (MWL) it had prepared for various scenarios. “We have installed emergency power generators and uninterruptible power supplies in our central data centres and exchanges throughout Germany.”

The operator has various “precautions for a short term or temporary power outage” in place, including battery back-ups and having mobile emergency power systems ready to be deployed.

“In the longer term, the possibility of supplying fuel for emergency power back-up systems or the prioritised allocation of electricity in the event of potential rationing will certainly play a role.”

“It has further to be stressed that the provision of telecommunications services requires a functioning power supply not only for the telecommunications network operators, but also for the customers.”

Telenor is also preparing for any potential disruption, telling MWL it “has well-established relationships and good dialogue with the authorities in the countries where we have operations”.

“Should energy rationing be considered, we will comply with the demand from the authorities.”