INTERVIEW: Cohere Technologies chief Ray Dolan (pictured) told Mobile World Live Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) is the mother of all waveforms, one which will ultimately engulf the mobile industry, lay the groundwork for 6G and, of course, propel his business.

Following a keynote appearance at MWC23, Dolan explained OTFS essentially sits above channel access methods including TDMA, FDMA and CDMA which he conceded even he thought were the only real options available to the wireless industry when he started out in 1986.

Now he believes “it’s just a matter of time” before OTFS becomes dominant.

The software-based method “can be dimensioned” and has “the principles of radar so velocity is not an impairment”, allowing it to connect with space objects orbiting at up to 30,000mph, while also working underground: “it’s extremely robust”, meaning it could form a bedrock for 6G and beyond.

It is also a key element in a partnership between Cohere Technologies and US aerospace and defence company Lockheed Martin which Dolan believes highlights a massive opportunity for the mobile market in the global defence industry and other adjacent sectors.

Dolan explained Lockheed Martin wants to enable all manner of things to communicate “whether it’s a tactical war fighter” or its back-office systems.

The Cohere Technologies executive also had plenty to say about the financial backing his company has received from tier one operators, along with its moves in the broader open RAN sector: click here for more.