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Spark lights first 5G trial site in New Zealand

19 MAR 2018

Spark claimed to have turned on New Zealand’s first live 5G mobile test site, achieving speeds of more than 9Gb/s at the location in capital city Wellington.

The trial uses equipment from China-based vendor Huawei and is live throughout March. The test is being carried out directly across from New Zealand’s parliament and connects with equipment in a specialised vehicle drive testing the streets of the city’s central business district.

Spark MD Simon Moutter (pictured, left) said Spark is now moving 5G from a concept to reality: “We intend to be at the forefront of deploying this technology in New Zealand once the required spectrum is made available. We want to be ahead of the pack in preparing for it, testing it, in deploying it, and we want to be the partner of choice for all of those New Zealand businesses who are starting to think about its uses in their industry,” he said.

Moutter said the operator is fast-tracking its plans and is committed to creating a 5G Lab in Auckland later this year where it can work with customers to understand how 5G will change their lives and businesses.

Spark COO Mark Beder said the operator worked with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, which provided access to temporary spectrum.

“Industry and government partnerships will be crucial to ensuring New Zealand achieves the full benefits of 5G opportunities as soon as possible, and we will be working closely with the government to outline our future spectrum requirements,” he said.


Joseph Waring

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