The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) firmed up dates for when service providers must implement broadband consumer labels designed to give customers a clear view of costs and data rates at online and physical points of sale.

A majority of broadband service providers will be required to display the labels by 10 April 2024, while operators with 100,000 subscribers or less have until 10 October 2024.

FCC chair Jessica Rosenworcel stated the labels would provide clear and transparent information to enable consumers to select the best tariffs for them.

“Consumers will finally get information they can use to comparison shop, avoid junk fees and make informed choices about which high-speed internet service is the best fit for their needs and budget,” she stated.

The FCC adopted the broadband label order in 2022 as part of the Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act. The labels also include information about introductory rates and data allowances and will have links to information about network management practices, privacy policies and the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Programme.