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Omate unveils “first” smartwatch designed for women

15 OCT 2014

Wearables start-up Omate announced what it called “the first smartwatch designed exclusively for women,” called Lutetia.

Noting the technology-led design of previous smartwatches, Laurent Le Pen, CEO of the company, said: “This is a fashion industry, and it looks weird to see a woman wear this kind of geek device.”

Lutetia is available in silver, gold and rose gold colours, with its stainless steel casing incorporating a round touch-screen display protected by sapphire coating layer.

It is powered by a MediaTek Aster processor, and uses Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 to connect to Android or iOS smartphones.

Speaking at the MediaTek Executive Forum this morning, Le Pen said that while the company is facing competition from a number of rival smartwatch players, “what is great with wearables is that we are all equal”.

“Whether you are a multibillion dollar company with a hundred thousand employees, or a start-up like Omate with 20 employees, we are all in the learning curve. We are all learning about what will be next, what will be the killer features, the functions that people will use,” he said.

The company’s first product, TrueSmart, was funded by a Kickstarter campaign which raised $1 million (and a lot of publicity), with 65,000 units subsequently sold worldwide. This device was followed by Omate X, which shares its technology with Lutetia.

Unsurprisingly, he was also full of praise for Omate’s technology partner. “We knew that we would be able to focus on other aspects than R&D. The main strength of MediaTek is this turnkey solution, so we could then think about other aspects like design, the look and feel, the user experience,” he said.

Omate Lutetia is available for pre-order until 30 November at $169. The first batch will also be engraved with a number from 1-1000 in each colour version.


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