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Observations on the Nigerian mobile payment licenses

Nigeria is without doubt one of the most vibrant and exciting markets that I know. With a huge population, rich in natural resources, a very high growth rate and almost no personal debt, this country is ready to surprise the world with what is possible. And more than any country this is mobile payment paradise. Consider that the country’s finances is well regulated, that many banks are very profitable and sound, yet a large percentage of the population do not have access to financial services. E

Branchless Banking: Testing remote access models for Southern African countries

Review of 30 models of remote access banking initiatives from around the world with the purpose of identifying models that might work in Southern Africa.

Will Exclusive Content Deals Drive iPad Sales?

Imagine the December issue of Vogue comes out one week early exclusively on Apple’s iPad and the first few pages feature Kate Moss modelling a new Burberry handbag. This was one of the scenarios put forward by Richard Kramer, director of Arete Research, at the Telco2.0 Executive Brainstorm last week, to persuade delegates that the iPad will be a “staggering commercial success”.His fellow panellists weren’t so convinced that the iPad will be a big hit. Yves Maitre, senior vice president of group

GSMA Shines Spotlight on Asian Mobile Industry at 2009 Mobile Asia Congress

2009 Will Be a Landmark Year for Asia Pacific as It Exceeds Two Billion Connections

Sprint sells towers for US670M

US mobile operator Sprint Nextel has announced it is to sell approximately 3,300 mobile towers to privately-held TowerCo for approximately US$670 million in cash and enter into a long-term leasing agreement with the company to support its CDMA, iDEN and WiMAX networks.

GSMA Announces Nominees for Asia Mobile Awards 2009

Winners of the Asia Mobile Awards 2009 and Mobile Innovation Grand Prix – APAC Tournament to be announced at the Mobile Asia Congress in Hong Kong

MTNL approaches major telcos for 3G partnership

India’s MTNL has become the latest state-owned operator in the country to hint that it is looking to partner with a major international mobile firm to help with its 3G network rollout, reports Times of India.

MTNL opens bidding for 3G franchise partner

India’s state-owned operator MTNL has confirmed earlier reports this week that it is searching for an international partner-operator to sell its 3G services under a franchise deal, reports Dow Jones Newswires.