SK Telecom develops LTE replacement for fixed backhaul

SK Telecom to commercialise LTE replacement for fixed backhaul

14 NOV 2014

SK Telecom claims it has developed and commercialised a technology that runs 2G and 3G backhaul over an LTE network for the first time.

The company said its ‘2G/3G over LTE’ uses an LTE network for backhaul instead of a fixed-line infrastructure, which can improve the stability of 2G/3G mobile networks.

Since mobile operators generally support their mobile networks with structural redundancy to be prepared for emergencies, the technology is designed to replace a redundant fibre-optic network, which can significantly improve operating efficiency.

This means that when the fixed-line 2G/3G infrastructure is damaged, the operator can still provide its customers with a similar quality of mobile service by using its LTE network, the company said.

2G/3G over LTE also is being promoted as an essential technology for mobile operators in developing markets that lack fixed-line infrastructure.

SK Telecom said it developed the technology after resolving the challenge of connecting a 2G/3G voice network to its data-only LTE network.

It plans to use the technology in 600 base stations by 2016.


Joseph Waring

Joseph Waring joins Mobile World Live as the Asia editor for its new Asia channel. Before joining the GSMA, Joseph was group editor for Telecom Asia for more than ten years. In addition to writing features, news and blogs, he...

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