Australia’s mobile operator Optus teamed up with Myriota, a provider of direct-to-orbit nanosatellite technology, to offer connectivity for IoT devices and applications in remote areas of the country.

In a statement, Optus said the agreement will enable low-cost, long battery life connectivity for millions of devices across a wide variety of industries.

Myriota CEO and co-founder, Alex Grant (pictured, left), said remote connectivity has long been the missing piece of the puzzle for IoT across industries like logistics and farming, noting: “By combining Optus’ national networks with our nanosatellite capability, we are able to help solve connectivity issues being faced in regional Australia”.

Grant said satellite connectivity previously was not available or affordable for businesses with remote assets, but nanosatellites are providing a more attainable and affordable solution.

Myriota secured $15 million in Series A funding in 2018 from companies including Singtel Innov8, the venture capital arm of Optus’ parent company Singtel.