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Nokia talks up WP ecosystem momentum

05 SEP 2012

Nokia chief Stephen Elop today talked up growth in the Windows Phone ecosystem, as the ailing Finnish handset maker unveiled its first devices to be powered by the next-generation of the platform, Windows Phone 8.

Speaking in New York, the executive said that the WP ecosystem is growing “three times faster” than it had before Nokia came on board, having grown from 7,000 applications to pass 100,000.

Elop said that Nokia had brought both local partners as well as “some big names” such as CNN, ESPN and EA, who have been “inspired by Windows Phone to deliver a unique experience”.

In a statement, Marco Argenti, SVP of the Nokia Developer Experience, said that the company’s new smartphones will provide an opportunity for developers. “With new opportunities to innovate around features such as PureView camera technology, NFC and the integration of Nokia Maps, we look forward to developers creating their next generation app experiences, and partnering with Nokia to achieve success locally and globally," he said.

The company announced a number of partnerships to support its new Lumia launches, including a World of Red Bull app, which is exclusive to Lumia for nine months; a Vimeo app with three-month trial of Vimeo Plus; Angry Birds Roost, exclusive for three months; Bloomberg Hub, also with three month exclusivity; and lifestyle app StyleSaint, exclusive until the end of 2012.

Also on the roster are a version of GroupOn with support for augmented reality, and which is exclusive for six months; a version of file sharing app YouSendIt with NFC support, exclusive for three months; and an enhanced Michelin Guide food app, which also supports NFC, and is exclusive for six months.


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