Verizon intros app recommendations

Verizon intros app recommendations

11 FEB 2013
Verizon Wireless app recommendations

US number one operator Verizon Wireless announced a pair of online tools intended to “provide honest, accurate feedback on the most popular applications available in order to protect and enhance a customer’s wireless experience”.

In a blog post, it noted that with more than 700,000 apps being available through Google Play, “having so many options is great, but where can customers go to get reliable information on what apps to try and how they will affect their device?”

Verizon had previously launched its own app store, Verizon Apps, but closed it last year, due to the fact that most of its content was already available through alternatives such as Google Play and BlackBerry World – the operator had also never said how successful the store had been.

At this time, it said that it would focus its efforts on “new merchandising strategies” to help developers get apps into the hands of consumers.

The company is offering a list of 20 “must have” apps for Android and iOS, which it said will offer a “best in class” experience and will help wireless users “get the most out of their mobile device”. The list, which will be updated “at least four times a year”, will include apps in categories such as sports, travel, families, fitness, video and finance.

And its Android App Reviews by Verizon will look at the top 50 Android apps (25 free and 25 paid), and review them based on criteria including battery life, security and data usage. It will also provide a list of apps which “affect the operation of mobile devices in a way worth noting for customers”.


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