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ZTE Assists China Telecom in Boosting Cloud-Network Synergy

13 MAY 2021

PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation and the Ningxia Branch of China Telecom have completed the network construction for the cloud-network synergy project, implementing device provisioning in a private industrial network and service deployment in some local networks in Ningxia, China.

This private industrial network will be one of the two planes for private industrial slicing networks of the Ningxia Branch of China Telecom. ZTE and the Ningxia Branch of China Telecom have worked out a solution to interconnect ZTE’s cloud network PE with the STN private network, MAN, e-Cloud, and Centralized Security Platform to help the operator cover user experience-oriented services in all scenarios.

In July 2020, the Ningxia Branch of China Telecom started the cloud-network synergy project. It teamed up with ZTE to analyze the driving force of the technology from a global service perspective and deepen their insights into the cloud services requirements for networks. They determined the overall network architecture at the end of 2020. Regardless of the difficulties brought by the coronavirus outbreak, ZTE had delivered all devices on time by the end of February 2021, ensuring successful implementation of the project.

The project will provide the customer with diversified network capabilities, such as fast network service provisioning, flexible multi-cloud connection, guarantee of differentiated cloud access private lines, and service security & reliability, to satisfy various digital requirements of different industries and stimulate growth of the digital economy.

For this project, ZTE offers an intelligent full-service router (cloud network PE core) based on its ROSng routing operating system with its proprietary intellectual property. The router allows the IP network architecture to evolve towards simplified and intelligent. Besides, ZTE’s multi-service packet platform (on aggregation layer) adopting the industry’s most advanced distributed, large-capacity, non-blocking switching architecture can flexibly support high-rate interfaces from GE to 400GE, addressing high-bandwidth service demands.

ZTE’s T-level 5G access device (on access layer) has the industry’s lowest single-node latency (one microsecond) and is the only one which allows for both Mbps small-granularity hard slicing and SRv6 in the industry. It can ensure ultimate experience of low-latency services, and support smooth SRv6 network upgrades. At the same time, ZTE’s new-generation intelligent transport management and control system features full-lifecycle intelligent O&M, centralized control of ultra-large networks and full-scenario coverage of transport networks.

As 5G construction develops rapidly in 2021, China Telecom, facing the challenges and opportunities in the new era, makes full use of its network resource advantages to enhance its competitiveness. Moving forward, ZTE will, as always, be committed to the promotion of cloud-network synergy of the operator to help achieve the commercial success in the 5G era.



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