PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation will launch the Smart Cloud Platform (SCP) 2.0 at Mobile World Congress 2024. This platform represents the industry’s first integrated management platform, enabling remote and visual management of home networks and intranets for Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs).

The SCP 2.0, building on the SCP 1.0 for managing mesh Wi-Fi networks, supports multiple networking equipment types such as Fiber To The Room (FTTR) devices and Internet Protocol Cameras (IPCs). It features industry’s leading diagnosis and optimization capabilities based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data, and provides a wide variety of functional reports. Through service-level views, the platform allows user experiences to be perceived and assured, thus helping operators achieve precision marketing, increase overall revenues, and boost Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). 

As intelligent networks become the mainstream for homes and MSEs and more equipment such as FTTR devices and IPCs are onboarded, operators are eager to implement unified management of multiple networking equipment types with one platform. The integrated, high-performance, and open SCP 2.0 offers three core capabilities: making networks visible and manageable, enabling network diagnosis and optimization, and boosting the income of service packages. As a result, it can provide operators with strong support in performing network Operation and Maintenance (O&M), provisioning services, and addressing core marketing concerns. 

Visual and remote management turns O&M from an enigmatic “black box” into a visible and manageable process. The SCP 2.0 is an integrated platform for managing Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), mesh Access Points (APs), IPCs, and FTTR devices. It supports interaction with managed devices through protocols like Message Queue Telemetry Transport (MQTT), WebSocket, TR-069, and TR-157 Bulk Data Collection (BDC), and employs AI and big data analysis technologies to implement remote and visual management of home and enterprise networks. The platform allows the network topology to be visually displayed both in real time and in retrospect so that the O&M engineers can see the current status and historical scores of the network. By making network devices manageable, the platform enables the current and historical status of devices to be viewed and the device conditions to be monitored in real time so that the device and service configuration information can be quickly adjusted.

Remote network diagnosis and optimization reduce engineer visits. The SCP 2.0 possesses industry-leading capabilities in network analysis and diagnosis. It allows engineers to quickly locate faults in networks based on various factors, such as interference, coverage, connectivity, site, and device. It also supports solving faults remotely with just the click of a button, thereby enhancing user satisfaction. In addition, the platform can employ AI algorithms to detect the suboptimal status of devices and then perform diagnoses and repairs in idle hours so that any issues can be solved before they are perceived by users. With the platform, the O&M engineer can draw on historical network data to conduct AI modeling and use it to optimize the Wi-Fi templates to implement dynamic optimization of Wi-Fi networks. 

Precision marketing reports and service identification functions increase sales of service packages. For the marketing departments of operators, the SCP 2.0 provides precision marketing reports and service identification and acceleration features, which can be packaged for sale to increase revenue. The precision marketing reports help marketing personnel discover high-value users that can be targeted for broadband package upgrades and mesh AP sales. Additionally, the SCP 2.0 can utilize Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) plugins and Quality of Service (QoS) policies to accelerate services, thereby boosting the sales of livestreaming, video, and gaming acceleration packages. 

ZTE has over two decades of experience in the home and enterprise network field, boasting a deep understanding of the requirements of operators and the development trends of the networks. The ZTE SCP 2.0, with its integrated management capabilities, can well assist operators in managing home and enterprise networks. Moving forward, ZTE will keep optimizing the SCP with innovative features to help operators enhance the competitiveness of their network services and expand their markets.