PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has unveiled its series servers and storage products as a new-generation computing power infrastructure at the Network X Conference. The conference was held in Paris, France. 

At present, the global economy is becoming increasingly digital, and the human society is entering a new stage symbolized by digitalization. Under the background of the digital transformation sweeping across industries worldwide, ZTE has gained deep insights into market demands. With a full range of servers and storage products, including general servers, liquid-cooled servers, GPU servers, all-flash storage products, hybrid-flash storage products, and distributed disk array products, ZTE provides stable and reliable computing infrastructure for digital transformation in most application scenarios, such as cloud computing, big data processing, distributed storage, and AI.

Up to now, ZTE has launched dozens of independently developed server storage products, which have been applied to more than 50 countries and regions worldwide, serving multiple industries such as telecom, Internet, finance, power, government, and transportation. The shipments of ZTE servers increased tenfold over five years from 2018 to 2022. In 2022, its operating revenues increased nearly 80% year over year.

In the telecom industry, ZTE servers and storage product has been steadily increasing its market share, and it has established partnerships with many operators worldwide. With its excellent quality, ZTE servers and storage products have gained the favor of many Fortune Global 500 customers in the financial industry, and have been widely used in banking, insurance, securities, and other fields. ZTE has also achieved remarkable achievements in the fields of power, government affairs, and transportation. In the Internet industry, ZTE servers and storage products have become the mainstream suppliers of many leading Internet enterprises, and become a strong driving force for the continued increase of overall market share.

With the surge of digital transformation, the global ICT industry continues to enter a new situation, and the demand for servers worldwide is also growing. As a world-leading network communications solution provider, ZTE will continue to integrate various resources of software and hardware manufacturers, solution providers, and service providers, and provide customers with more advanced and reliable solutions through continuous R&D investment and technological innovation, to help achieve the goal of digital transformation.