PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has released an end-to-end computing infrastructure solution at Mobile World Congress 2024. The solution provides a complete set of computing, storage, network and IDC solutions, achieves integrated deployment of full-stack software and hardware, and accelerates service deployment to the cloud.

In terms of hardware, full-series of servers provide high-quality heterogeneous computing power, and high-performance distributed all-flash storage achieves fast read-and-write of mass data, improving the training speed of AI models. Lossless networks achieve zero packet loss and microsecond-level latency. IDCs are pre-fabricated in fully-cooled modular mode, and the PUE of these IDCs is as low as 1.13. In terms of software, ZTE has built the AI Booster intelligent computing platform to maximize the utilization of GPUs through automatic parallel training, and greatly reduce the development threshold through visual development and self-adaptive parameter optimization.

ZTE was aware of the fact that under the trend of digital/network/intelligence-based integration, the generation-type AI demonstrates powerful intelligence capabilities, which has profoundly changed people’s lives and society. In addition, the incubation of hundreds of billions or trillions of parameter models and the massive data brought by massive connections have generated massive demands for computing power. Computing power has become an important driving force for the digital economy.

In addition, ZTE offers differentiated solutions tailored to various application scenarios. In the realm of general computing, including internet and telecom cloud services, ZTE provides a range of general-purpose servers equipped for liquid cooling. These servers deliver highly cost-effective and scalable computing power. For applications requiring extensive video storage, ZTE introduces large storage servers. In critical fields such as finance and scientific computing, ZTE presents its industry-leading 4-socket server. Moreover, for high-density computing environments, ZTE launches the IceCube all-liquid-cooled cabinet solution, promoting green and efficient data center development.

In the realm of intelligent computing, ZTE offers a suite of solutions including training servers, inference servers, and the AiCube training and inference integrated cabinet. These solutions cater to various scenarios, such as the centralized 10,000-card training pool, the integrated inference pool for general and intelligent computing, and integrated training and inference at the edge.

ZTE’s end-to-end computing power infrastructure solution offers a comprehensive range of ICT hardware for full-stack integrated deployment, catering to diverse customer needs across all scenarios. Through extensive collaboration with global operators and industry partners, ZTE actively drives the transformation and upgrading of computing infrastructure, with the goal to deliver high-quality and efficient computing power to various industries, foster continuous technological innovation, facilitate commercial utilization, and expedite the digital and intelligent transformation across the entire industry.