PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has launched the AiCube Training and Inference Integrated Cabinet at MWC Barcelona 2024. This launch aims to provide operators and industry users with a comprehensive Al-In-One intelligent computing solutions, empowering intelligence and enhancing the efficiency of enterprise digital transformation.

With the full-scale proliferation of AI models, their technologies undergo continuous updates and iterations, leading to a surge in industrial requirements. However, AI models encounter numerous challenges in practical applications, including lengthy R&D cycles, high entry thresholds for industries, and complex scenarios. In response to these challenges, ZTE has introduced the AiCube Training and Inference Integrated system. This system integrates computing, storage, network devices, and AI platform software, supporting mainstream AI frameworks. It aims to assist users in reducing the training and inference costs of proprietary domain models and lowering technical barriers.

The ZTE AiCube Training and Inference Integrated system features fast delivery, on-demand allocation of resources, and security & easy-to-use. Users of the product can quickly use it without complex deployment and configuration processes, saving time and resources. In addition, users can flexibly allocate training and inference resources as required to achieve optimal performance and cost balance. The AiCube also offers an end-to-end tool chain that significantly lowers the threshold to model training. In addition, the AiCube has multiple kinds of built-in models and applications that enable local fine-tuning of private domain data to ensure data security.

As a provider of full-stack intelligent computing solutions, ZTE remains committed to collaborating closely with operators and partners to continually promote the optimization and upgrading of computing power. The aim is to enrich model applications and collectively build a new intelligent computing ecosystem, injecting fresh momentum into the development of the digital economy.