PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has convened the ZTE Partner Recognition Conference across 16 countries, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Italy, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, etc. Under the theme “Ultimate Service for a Win-Win Future,” the conference brought together over 400 international partners for discussions centered around deepening cooperation, enhancing digital intelligence efficiency, managing compliance, fostering transparent co-building, and recognizing outstanding international partners.

Throughout the conference, representatives from partner organizations reflected on the accomplishments of the past year and voiced their appreciation for ZTE’s advancements in digital transformation, business innovation, and ecological development. The conference’s emphasis on fostering a “cooperative win-win” mindset and promoting sustainable development principles garnered significant praise and endorsement from attendees. Partner representatives reiterated their commitment to strengthening collaboration with ZTE, with the aim of fostering deeper integration and expanding cooperative efforts. Together, they aspire to cultivate harmonious and prosperous local ecosystems while achieving sustained growth in domestic markets.

Braving the Storm Together, Win-win the Future

Cheng Ling, General Manager of GCI Company, Malaysia partner representative, stated: “Project delivery is not only about achieving progress target according to the delivery schedule, but also completing deliverables to customers with high quality, providing excellent after-sales service, and enhancing customer satisfaction. The market environment is unpredictable, only by weathering the toughest times together can we welcome the beautiful dawn of victory.”

From Zero to One, Boundaries are Limitless

Antônio Gabriel de Santana Santos, CTO of Telequipe Company, Brazil partner representative, said: “In our cooperation with ZTE on power supply projects, we have grown from achieving a breakthrough of zero market share in Brazil’s new energy market to delivering more than 2000+ sites annually. This precious experience of cooperation and growth has gradually strengthened Telequipe Company in our partnership with ZTE. We hope to establish a deeper cooperative relationship with ZTE in the future, and we will provide better services and support.”

Hearts and Hands Connected, Forging Ahead

Chang Jun, Deputy Manager of the Overseas Department of China Iconic Technology Company Limited, Ivory Coast partner representative, said: “At this conference, we feel ZTE’s deep concern and attention for its partners. In our cooperation with ZTE on the Ivory Coast Orange wireless project, we achieved a breakthrough from zero to one in the Ivorian ORANGE wireless market. In 2023, we overcame various difficulties such as rainy season construction and resource shortages, completing batch replacements three months ahead of schedule, with deliveries exceeding 1000 sites. We will continue to spare no effort in providing more professional and higher quality engineering services for ZTE in various countries.”

Moving forward, ZTE reaffirms its commitment to working closely with partners, guided by the principle of “growing towards the sun.” The company will continue to refine its global presence, striving to deliver top-tier networks and unparalleled services to users across the globe. Through these efforts, ZTE aspires to play a pivotal role in driving the advancement of the global digital economy.