PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation has successfully hosted the ZTE Global Service Ecosystem Forum with the theme “Ultimate Services for a Win-Win Future” in Bangkok, Thailand.

The event brought together more than 30 partners of the company and industry experts to delve into key topics such as Asia-Pacific market trends, high-quality delivery, and industry collaborative development. Together with its partners, ZTE aims to build an integrated and win-win ecosystem for global services.

Sun Fangping, President of Global Services at ZTE, delivered a welcome speech for the forum. He highlighted, “In the face of global economic uncertainty impacting corporate operations, ZTE remains committed to a ‘precise and pragmatic, steady growth’ business strategy, proposes the brand concept of ‘Ultimate Service’ in the global service field. With the strategic goal of surpassing industry standards, exceeding customer expectations, achieving zero negative service comments, and zero customer complaints, ZTE joins hands with global partners to build a resilient ecosystem, dedicated to winning the new future of digital intelligence.”

Mei Zhonghua, President of Asia and CIS Region at ZTE, said in the welcome speech, “After more than 20 years of development in Asia, ZTE has always adhered to its localization strategy, with its network products serving more than 100 operators in over 20 countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and others. On one hand, ZTE has secured a leading position of product and technical capabilities in fundamental areas such as network and computing power; on the other hand, the company has collaborated with a large number of partners to jointly create an open and win-win cooperation ecosystem, contributing to the rapid development of digital economy in Asian countries.”

Centering around three major themes: “Trend Leadership, Win-Win Future”, “Pragmatic Cooperation, Ultimate Delivery”, and “Collaborative Development, Value Co-creation”, the participating experts actively shared their viewpoints and engaged in lively discussions. 

Trend Leadership, Win-Win Future

Pisit Boonsrimuang, Professor at King Mongkut’s University of Technology in Thailand, shared his insights on “5G Mobile Industry in Thailand and Asia Pacific.” From aspects of mobile data, users and technology, he conducted a detailed analysis of the capital expenditures of mobile operators in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region and the contribution of 5G networks to the industry. Regarding the challenges in the communication industry investment and shortening technology life cycle, he proposed spectrum allocation strategies to achieve a technological innovation ecosystem.

Mo Jialin, CTO of Wireless Products at ZTE Marketing and Solution Department, delivered a speech titled “Prospects for Future Cooperation Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Region.” He said that the global 5G network is booming and the number of users is growing rapidly. The entire Asia-Pacific region will become the largest market for 5G in the future. As the world’s leading provider of integrated communications and information technology solutions, ZTE will continue to pursue leadership in network technology and quality, and work with customers and partners to achieve a win-win situation in the future market.

Pragmatic Cooperation, Ultimate Delivery

Shen Hui, Managing Director of Global Services Dept.I at ZTE, presented a project delivery theme entitled “Achieve Customer Value with Ultimate Services.” He said that ZTE Global Services has put forward the brand concept of “Ultimate Service” and built a digital intelligent delivery platform, end-to-end intelligent delivery tool system and digital network deployment solution with intelligent operation and maintenance as the core. ZTE has been deploying high-performance “Ingenuity Network” in more than 100 countries and regions, and earned top rankings in many third-party network evaluations. ZTE is dedicated to helping customers build digital intelligence networks, continuously improving network value, providing global operators and industry customers with the ultimate network perception.

Yang Bo, Asia-Pacific Director of Global Service Engineering Outsourcing Department at ZTE, shared his insights on the cooperation theme titled “Solid Collaboration for a Win-Win Future with Ecosystem Partners.” He said that the successful delivery of each project is inseparable from the strong support of each partner. Adhering to the long-termism, ZTE is willing to join hands with partners to thrive in the digital economy, continue to cooperate in traditional businesses, collaboratively expand innovative businesses, and deepen integration, share risks and benefits. ZTE puts emphasis on ecological win-win and takes global service business as its core concept. Through end-to-end digital efficiency improvement, strategic cooperation, mainstream cultivation and other strategies, ZTE aims to synergize with global partners, deepen cooperation, and jointly provide customers with the ultimate services.

Collaborative Development, Value Co-Creation

Tony Wijaya, Senior Vice President of Smartfren Company in Indonesia, delivered a speech titled “Journey of Smartfren network evolution.”  Customer representatives of operators acknowledged ZTE’s advanced technical solutions and ultimate services, looking forward to cooperating with ZTE and jointly shaping the future interconnected world.

Chatchawan, President of STADT Company in Thailand, as the representative of outstanding partners, and Wilson P. Wong, President of GT Company in Malaysia, respectively shared their high-quality cooperation practices and experiences. With firmer support and closer cooperation, they expect to thrive alongside ZTE in the future, and actively contribute to the sustainable future of local network infrastructure.

At the end of the forum, ZTE held an award ceremony honoring outstanding partners. Shen Hui and other leaders from ZTE awarded the “Best Partner,” “Best Quality Award” and “Best Service Support” to its partners.

This forum made a complete success through insightful perspectives sharing and in-depth exchanges among participants. This also marks the successful conclusion of ZTE industry event for global service partners in 2023. Moving forward, ZTE is dedicated to building a sustainable, healthy, and win-win ecosystem with customers and partners, jointly promoting new developments in digital intelligence network services, exploring new models of value network construction, and wining a digital intelligence future.