PRESS RELEASE: ZTE Corporation achieved the fastest growth in global optical network market share from 2Q23 to 1Q24, according to the report Optical Networking – 1Q24 released by Omdia, a global analyst and advisory leader. This recognition not only underscores the competitiveness of ZTE’s optical network products and solutions but also highlights the critical role of its optical networks in the digital economy.

In the digital economy era, new services such as AIGC, digital transformation, and industrial Internet are booming and driving the optical network to offer larger bandwidth and better performance. Therefore, the industry focuses on how to optimize transmission distance and performance while increasing optical network speed.

Profound accumulation and continuous innovation in optical network technologies help ZTE deliver leading OTN solutions to operators:

400G: Relying on 130GBd+, new-generation DSP, and cutting-edge 3D encapsulation technologies, ZTE successfully makes the transport capability of single-wavelength 400G equivalent to that of 100G/200G, improving the transport rate and ensuring excellent service transport performance while maintaining the distance and increasing the speed. Additionally, ZTE creates a simple and efficient C+L-band optical path system through innovations in new rare earth elements-doped amplifiers, dummy wavelength filling, and multi-point APO, multiplying the single-fiber capacity and laying a solid foundation for operators to build super-powerful optical networks. Notably, the ZTE 400G solution assisted Chinese operators in constructing the world’s first and largest 400G all-optical inter-province backbone network with the widest coverage.   

800G: ZTE released the industry’s first 800G OTN pluggable solution, reducing the size by 60% and the single-Gbit power consumption by 68% compared to the fixed optical module. This innovation saves equipment room space while meeting operators’ strategic requirements for low-carbon and green optical networks. Based on this solution, ZTE verified China’s first 800G OTN pluggable solution in the existing network, allowing mixed 400G/800G transport and assuring smooth deployment and stable operation of services. It reached a record of 2000km transmission distance in the land system, providing enough bandwidth for future service growth. 

Single-wavelength Tbit: Based on the real-time system of 17THz ultra-wide spectrum and single-wavelength 1Tbit+, ZTE set two world records: a transmission distance of 250km and a single-fiber capacity of beyond-120T. The company recently completed the demonstration project of the world’s first single-wavelength 1.2Tbit/s and unidirectional beyond-100Tbit/s hallow-core fiber transport system together with industry partners, showcasing its leadership in the optical network field again.  

Moving forward, ZTE is committed to collaborating with partners in the industry chain to explore innovative research and practices in optical network technologies. Together, they aim to develop new paths for the commercialization of wider and higher-performance optical networks, building a solid optical infrastructure for the growth of the global digital economy.