In today’s fast-paced telecom landscape, competition is fierce. While 5G radically altered mobile services delivery, telecom operators have been unable to operationalise the benefits of 5G’s service oriented architecture. In order to deliver services, providers around the world need to simplify their operations by transforming their networks from vertically integrated silos to logically connected components. As operators look to gain market share, improve customer affinity and chase increased profitability, they must learn to effectively connect and harness the data within their operations.

Join us for our upcoming webinar in partnership with Snowflake, where we’ll take a deep-dive into designing a data-driven operations model & evolution strategy to help Telecom Operators deliver new 5G services at scale, meet increasing customer expectations and reduce service delivery costs.

The webinar will uncover how adopting a data-driven strategy enables:

  • Access to real-time analytics and insights for enhanced network performance and infrastructure automation using a single view of your data
  • Intelligent decision making and advanced monitoring to unleash the power of AI/ML
  • Organisations to future proof their operations for 5G, 6G, and beyond

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