Join Jerome Dumoulin, Head of Advanced Business Line, IDEMIA and José Ignacio Honorato García, Head of Mobile Devices & Smart Cards, Telefonica for an insightful webinar that delves into the transformative potential of quantum computers, the concurrent cybersecurity challenges they pose and the role of Quantum-Safe 5G cryptography in the Telco sector.

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, the quantum revolution looms closer and presents a paradigm shift that requires proactive security measures. Imagine a future where quantum-based algorithms can swiftly decipher once-secure codes. IDEMIA, a forefront security and cryptography leader, has been diligently pioneering defence against quantum security breaches, anticipating a world where quantum computers could penetrate even today’s most robust encryption.

IDEMIA is actively collaborating with key mobile operators worldwide such as Telefonica, to drive research and solutions to protect the telecom industry from the threat of quantum attacks. Drawing on their experience of a Proof of Concept between IDEMIA and Telefonica, the authors stress the need for mobile operators to prepare today for tomorrow’s quantum future.