16 July 2024

8:00am PT | 11:00am ET | 17:00 CET

It’s no secret that network operators are facing unprecedented challenges. When it comes to today’s complex network needs and growing demands for performance, traditional manual management methods simply can’t cut it.

Our answer? AI-driven autonomous networks. Promising improved efficiency, sustainability and reduced operational costs with personalised, real-time services, they are undoubtedly the way forward. Yet, many telcos are still operating with outdated systems, unsure how to begin their transition to autonomous networks.

Join Cambridge Consultants Stéphane Rémy and Maya Dillon alongside a guest for a lively fireside discussion around navigating the journey to Level 3+ autonomous networks, explore different perspectives and approaches to address potential barriers, and ultimately how you can unlock a vital competitive edge as we move into a new era of connectivity.