24 October 2023

8:00am PT | 11:00am ET | 17:00 CET

The network transformation communications service providers (CSPs) are grappling with is ultimately fueled by a desire to make their operations more customer-centric instead of capability-centric. They’re disaggregating to drive agility and virtualizing to empower on-demand capabilities. They’re opening APIs to make their networks consumable while enabling 3rd party innovation. And they are automating operations to capture the power of AI.

All of this rearchitecting and the new business models that go along with it is being steered by the desire to enable their customers in new ways. This new approach means CSPs have turned to service management and orchestration tools in the RAN to go beyond operational efficiencies and start to enable to new uses.

In this webinar, we will dive into some scenarios that are enabled by robust Service Management and Orchestration (SMO), automation and service assurance. We’ll explore RAN slicing and open APIs to enable new revenue generating services while reviewing the power of automating closed loop remediation and an AI-empowered approach to service assurance.