The world of 5G is evolving rapidly, and it’s not just about faster speeds or broader coverage. Consumer expectations are shifting, and the industry is at a crossroads, where delivering the right solutions to meet these expectations is crucial. The question is, how can we unlock the full value of 5G, while navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead? In this session, we’ll explore the crucial shift from a one-size-fits-all approach to a more tailored, dynamic 5G experience. Understand the necessity of transitioning from ‘best effort’ 5G to differential QoS, especially for high-demand applications. We’ll address a key question: Do consumers see value in paying for differentiated 5G QoS? And if so, how much? Moreover, discover how pioneering CSPs are already venturing into the realm of differentiated 5G QoS offerings. Uncover their strategies in navigating this new landscape, where they are beginning to offer varied quality of service options tailored to consumer needs..