LG adds some colour to G Watch

LG adds some colour to G Watch

22 APR 2014

A few more details are beginning to emerge about LG’s upcoming G Watch, including the fact there’ll be two colour options – ‘stealth black’ or ‘champagne gold’.

Among other additional snippets of information, which appeared on LG’s official site, are that the smart watch will display the time constantly. (By contrast, the display on Samsung Gear 2 goes blank unless there’s arm movement).

LG also confirmed that G Watch, due to be launched in the summer, will be waterproof and dustproof.

The G Watch runs on Android Wear, which is Google’s extension of Android to the ‘wearables’ market.

LG was quick to associate itself with Android Wear when Google formally announced it in March, saying in a statement it was “one of Google’s lead partners in this effort” and it was “planning to introduce its first watch powered by Android Wear in the second quarter of 2014″.

Focusing initially on “the most familiar wearable – watches”, Google said the intention is for “a range of new devices along with an expansive catalogue of apps” to enable users to access notifications from apps such as social networks, messaging titles and others; to receive “straight answers to spoken questions”; monitor health and fitness; and access and control other devices.


Ken Wieland

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