PARTNER FEATURE: Businesses today depend on reliable connectivity and seamless communications. Enabled by 5G and cloud platforms, digital technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) help companies to collaborate seamlessly and at pace, make informed real time decisions, improve efficiency, and create new business models and revenue streams.

Established in 2010 as the international arm of China Mobile, China Mobile International (CMI) brings global network resources, deep expertise and an extensive partner ecosystem to help enterprises around the world navigate digital transformation.

CMI has a proven track record in holistic, responsive and reliable services that meet the unique demands of customers in different countries and market environments. Its integrated enterprise solutions, iSolutions, has helped more than 7,000 enterprise customers make the most of emerging technologies and deploy business globally. These customers come from Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa, and span a wide range of industries, including transportation and logistics, finance, retail and manufacturing.

Global cloud network solution
As enterprises move to cloud and edge computing to process critical business data, the challenges of managing multiple cloud services have increased. CMI mCloud is a revolutionary multi-cloud portal that empowers enterprises to easily subscribe to, deploy, manage and monitor all their cloud services online.

CMI partners with the world’s major public clouds and cloud service providers to enable cross-border connectivity and ensure compliant data synchronisation between cloud regions. Customers can establish an agile, high-availability SD-WAN to accelerate the development and delivery of applications, services and dynamic content.

CMI mCloud also supports a variety of industry- and scenario-specific solutions ranging from financial services and the gaming sector, to business collaboration and security.

Smart industrial park solution
Industrial parks play a key role in regional economies. With access to high-speed 5G and advanced digital solutions, industrial parks are now transitioning into smart parks that help companies lower their carbon emissions and drive the wider digital economy.

CMI’s Smart Park solution integrates a park’s networks, platforms, applications, clouds and end points to enhance park management and operations.

Taking advantage of the mobile internet and an intelligent IoT platform, CMI helps managers integrate park resources and functions, deploy business intelligence and data analysis tools, introduce automation, and monitor and control equipment ranging from security cameras and fire protection systems, to access control solutions, outdoor lighting and power meters.

The smart park infrastructure and service apps connect with existing park systems and provide access to visualised core data and operational indicators for one-stop decision-making support via a centralised web portal. It provides better visibility and improved efficiency for park managers, as well as enhanced safety, security and sustainability for park tenants.

Smart port solution
CMI, one of the global leaders in computing and networking, empowers ports with cutting-edge technologies for enhanced productivity, safety and growth. The Smart Port solution tailors solutions based on customer insights and CMI’s expertise in six key areas: Cloud Network Integration; Connectivity; Data Centre; Unified Communication; ICT; and IoT.

CMI’s Smart Port solution encompasses networks, platforms, applications, clouds, and end points, enabling efficient operations and improved productivity. By integrating these components into a production management system, ports can benefit from improved efficiency and enhanced operations.

Moreover, CMI can provide intelligent cargo handling systems to enable remote control of machinery, intelligent tallying, and unmanned horizontal transportation. These capabilities rely on real-time data collection through the IoT, cloud-powered analytics and 5G networks operating on different frequencies.

Automation reduces manual labour, replacing truck drivers and minimising worker fatigue, while eliminating risks in hazardous environments.

A central feature of CMI’s approach is to work with key partners to develop solutions that meet the needs of different customers in different industries and settings worldwide. CMI collaborates with port operators, stakeholders, and partners to upgrade and implement key technologies, driving seamless integration of innovative solutions.

Mature partner ecosystem
Going further to promote collaboration across the ecosystem, CMI has established the iSolutions Partner Ecosystem Alliance to deepen cooperation between next-generation partners in the fields of AI, blockchain, cloud, digital, network, edge, terminal and security (ABCDNETS).

The new global alliance integrates the partners’ development capabilities and resources to help enterprises implement digital transformation on a true one-stop service platform. The partner ecosystem includes more than 200 leading players from the information service, cloud service, digital innovation and technology industries. These partners work collaboratively to combine their technologies, capabilities and innovative ideas, delivering value to customers.

Expanding its ecosystem to both upstream and downstream industries in this way, CMI is seeking to spark innovation, improve integration with partner products and find new ways to efficiently co-develop one-stop solutions and offer comprehensive services.

The ultimate goal is to enable enterprises in a wide spectrum of industries to accelerate digital transformation with better access to digital intelligence, creating a digitalised future for all.