LIVE FROM DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION WORLD, NICE: Operators must remove internal and external barriers to fully grasp the 5G opportunity, Deutsche Telekom global CIO Peter Leukert said.

Speaking on a panel alongside operators from other markets, Leukert said the most difficult boundary was “among us”. He went on to cite the need for different internal teams to work together and be managed as one, including network and IT.

“Something surprising will always happen. In the market we will be surprised left, right and centre,” he said. “It’s about breaking down barriers. [We need] trustful collaboration, with people who aren’t used to doing that. It’s a new game, but I think most boundaries are in our head.”

Leukert’s collaboration message extended to international collaboration between operators, stating providers should “avoid being sucked into a political conflict”.

Addressing comments from representatives from vertical industries earlier in the session, he advocated efforts to co-create services alongside partners to speed-up deployment of services and ensure systems put in place remain flexible.

“With our partners in the industry we need to go to co-creation, building things quickly while being agile,” Leukert added.