PARTNER CONTENT: Each year, ZTE not only holds its Broadband User Congress, but also holds Wireless User Congress, which aims at offering a platform for making mutual progress. 

The event is held in Mexico because Latin America is currently standing on the time window for rapid development of optical telecommunications. According to the investigation report, by the year of 2022, the number of FTTH users in the Latin America has exceeded 50 million, which takes about 48% of the overall broadband users. In 2023, this trend is expected to continue, and over half (>52%) of the broadband users have selected the FTTH technology. Moreover, in the coming two years, it’s predicted that over millions of new users will join in. In addition, from the perspective of upgrading the existing networks, HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coaxial) transformation will continue. In the next 2 to 3 years, there is still significant opportunities for transforming coppers to optical fibers. In terms of network evolution, Gigabit broadband has been generally considered as the main technological development trend for the future, and high-level operators have already actuated the 10G PON or even 50 GPON tests.          

We sincerely hope that ZTE can work together with its customers, industrial institutes, and project service providers in Latin America to make deep discussions about how to make full use of new products and technologies in the rapid-developing optical fiber trend, thereby pushing this progress in a better way. 

Meanwhile, we have also invited local service partners to participate in this Congress jointly. All in all, ZTE works closely with ecosystem partners, establishes new partnerships, actively expands cooperation areas, and explores mutual-beneficial and win-win business modes, so as to jointly focus on customers, quickly respond to the market, and provide the best engineering services in a perfect way.   

Currently, the global optical network has developed rapidly. At this Congress, ZTE brings many advanced new concepts such as all-optical city, all-optical park, and all-optical home and so on. How will ZTE continue to promote the development of the whole industry in this field in the future?

ZTE has been deeply involved in the field of fixed broadband access for more than 3 decades and has accumulated rich experience and powerful technical strength. We can provide comprehensive overall solutions throughout the entire broadband access ecological chain, including terminal equipment (terminal CPE and set-top boxes) in the home access field, optical line terminals (OLT) for access networks, and optical transport networks (OTN) devices for optical transmission networks. In recent years, as the continuous growth of network speeds, we have noticed that the trend of “Optical Fiber Advancing and Copper Retreating” has become more and more obvious. ZTE has been persistently striving to make innovations in the field of optical communications, and make deep research and development (R&D) on key elements, so as to provide users with highly efficient, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.

  • The Industry’s First BE19000 XGS-PON Wi-Fi 7 ONT: It supports symmetrical 10Gbps access, and the Wi-Fi rate reaches 19Gbps theoretically, and the latency is much lower, that is, 25% lower than the traditional solutions. Currently, ZTE can provide the whole family portfolios of the new Wi-Fi 7 ONT/AP products including BE3600, BE7200, BE15000, etc., and ZTE will further make great efforts in accelerating the commercialization of new Wi-Fi 7 products.
  • Full-process Visible Light ODN Solution: This solution helps operators quickly build light ODN networks, uses pre-connectorized technology to significantly shorten construction cycles and reduce labor costs. Furthermore, the novel pre-connectorized ODN product is designed with a smaller size and takes a smaller space, and uses the jointly-designed interface, thereby reducing CAPEX investment by more than 20%. Meanwhile, the ODN dumb piping resources are lighted up, thereby making the ODN topology become visible, enabling the ODN resources to become 100% accurate, so as to help customers build a visible, manageable, and operable intelligent ODN network. All in all, ZTE has cooperated with more than 30 operators worldwide and completed the construction of more than 30 million lines of ODN networks. Therefore, ZTE has rich project management experience to ensure the on-time delivery with high QoS.

The industry’s firstly launched 800G OTN pluggable solution: Compared to the commonly used solution, the 800G OTN pluggable solution doubles the board density, reduces the power consumption per Gbit by 68%, and meanwhile, increases the wavelength division frequency band to C+L 12THz, and its single-fiber capacity can reach up to 96T. Therefore, the 800G OTN pluggable solution can satisfy the bandwidth requirements of the transmission network for long-term business evolution.

According to the statistics from the third-party consulting institute, ZTE plays a leader role in the optical network field, as our OLT is rated as “Leader”, and our ONT ranks NO.1 in global shipments in the year of 2022.Our OTN is also rated as “Leader” in the Core & Metro Packet-Optical Transports fields, and ranks TOP 2 in global shipments of 200G ports in the year of 2022. All in all, ZTE has been committed to making continuous innovations in the field of optical communications and working with partners to promote the development of all-optical networks, thereby catering to the rapid development of the digital society and satisfying the users’ needs for high-speed, highly-reliable, and advanced networks.

As we all know, ZTE has been operating in the Latin American market for many years. Could you please introduce the main cooperation achievements with local operators?  

As early as the year of 1998, ZTE entered the Latin American market and has been deeply involved in the local market for more than two decades. We have established long-term and in-depth cooperation with more than 50 mainstream operators in Latin America.

ZTE has established a strategic partnership with America Movil to provide services for AMX’s 16 branches in American areas. In the wireline field, xPON solutions have helped many branches in Mexico, Brazil, etc., to complete the transformation from Copper to Optical Fiber. Optical network terminals, set-top boxes, are provided to almost all the branches. Additionally, our transport networks have been deployed in several branches, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru, helping customers upgrade and transform their networks, laying the foundation for 5G in Latin America.

ZTE is also a strategic partner of Telefonica, with a wide range of cooperation there between. In the wireline field, ZTE has made important cooperation with Telefonica, including the construction of beyond-100G transmission networks in Mexico and Colombia, and the construction of backhaul optical transmission networks in Brazil, etc.

In addition to global operators, ZTE has also established close cooperation relationship with mainstream local customers in Latin American countries. Specifically, in Mexico, ZTE has achieved large-scale cooperation with IZZI, Megacable, TotalPlay, etc. in the fields of FTTH and video. In Brazil, ZTE helped TIM build an optical-copper coexisting network and mobile backhaul network, and we helped V.TAL deploy an FTTH optical network and build Brazil’s first 400G color optical network. Among countries such as Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Ecuador, ZTE has helped customers launch nationwide FTTH networks and has won local innovation awards for many times.

What is ZTE’s strategy for the Latin American market?

The Latin American market has always been ZTE’s strategic overseas market, where ZTE will make continuous investment. ZTE’s business in Latin America covers more than 20 countries including Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, etc.. We have established more than 20 subsidiaries to serve the local market, and built a joint innovation center with AMX Group to jointly study about new topics in the digital economy and respond to the challenges of world-class technology. We have also built a training center in Colombia to provide technical support throughout the overall Latin America areas. ZTE has cooperated with local partners in Brazil to achieve local production of ZTE, and to serve the local market in a better way.

ZTE has always been committed to becoming a reliable full-product solution and service provider in the Latin American market. Through providing the best product solutions and services, ZTE supports the customers to transform among various networks and helps customers to reduce TCO. ZTE hopes to grow together and win together with the customers. As an emerging market, the Latin American market has huge development potential, and it also encounters the “all-optical” time window. ZTE will firmly increase its investment in the Latin American market and continue to bring ZTE’s new technologies and products to this region, so as to help customers achieve their business success.

Mr. Peng Aiguang, Senior Vice President of ZTE