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Belgian banks and mobile operators to launch SMS and NFC mobile payments service in 2011

Belgium’s mobile network operators have joined forces with the country’s financial sector with the aim of introducing SMS and NFC based mobile payments by the end of 2011. “The goal is to make a mobile…Read more:

CellTrust to roll out NFC technology APIs using SecureSMS

(The Paypers) US provider of mobile messaging and applications CellTrust has revealed plans to develop…Read more:

CellTrust Prepares NFC-Provisioning APIs Using SecureSMS for Carriers and Banks as NFC Technology Rollout Begins in 2011

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range wireless communication standard that bundles a contactless chip with a contactless reader inside the mobile device. With NFC technology, consumers can simply wave or tap their phone within a few inches of a reader to transfer information to their mobile phone or to complete a mobile payment or transaction. Designedto make life much easier for the end-user, provisioning NFC will require the carrier to send sensitive and confidential information to t

SMS-based mobile banking alerts to treble by 2015 research

(The Paypers) New types of SMS-based mobile banking alerts are expected to drive up the volume of mobile banking text messages from 30 billion in 2010 to almost 90…Read more: