One day everybody is on the NFC band-wagon the other day mobile apps. It must be difficult keeping up with the hype. This is a sample of some of the “mobile apps is the next big thing” announcements, that I read during the past week:Fiserv announced working with WorkLight to help banks “to more easily develop services for a proliferating variety of online and mobile platforms and devices.” According to Erich Litch from Fiserv: “… helping our clients provide financial services in new ways, through new channels, and to go quickly to market by building and managing rich applications.” (Read here)Based on research done by XXXXX , mobile banking lacks “any clear differentiated functionality” (interesting!) and the conclusion is that “U.S. banks will need to enhance today’s functionality significantly.” (Read here). In the same report a very important conclusion is reached: “…that consumers are still struggling to figure out exactly how they will use mobile banking.” (also interesting!) (Read here)Help me, because what I take away from this is that, we must develop more functionality to help banks differentiate themselves from one-another. At the same time consumers don’t know what they want to do with this thing call mobile banking. Surely this is madness? Surely we must figure out what customers want, what they would like to pay for and buy and the things that will make their world work better. This hype-talk is making me tired.

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