LIVE FROM MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS: Mobile payment services will start to take off when users are making between two and five transactions per day, according to Peter Hazlehurst, Google’s director, product management, speaking at Congress today.

Typical transactions will consist of subscribers using their NFC handset to enter the public transport system, as well as buying goods such as their morning coffee, he said.

Hazlehurst would not reveal how many transactions are currently made by wallet users when he was quizzed by Mobile World Live.

Google’s business model relies on generating sufficient customer data to drive advertising revenues.

When users are making 2-5 daily transactions then usage “moves into habit”, he said.

And the key to creating habitual behaviour is to offer “the same experience all the time”, he added.

Hazlehurst said Google was “quite excited” by the wallet’s progress but offered no usage figures.

Google moved away from its original business model last year by enabling users to add any credit card to its wallet. Its original policy was to negotiate agreements one at a time with banks, but this process proved too time consuming.