APP PROMOTION SUMMIT, LONDON: Carl Martin, founder of Wurqs, talked up the importance of having a large group of engaged power users when beta testing an app, along with attending events to tell people what you are working on and seeking feedback from influencers who work in relevant sectors.

Wurqs created a digital business app called Ping, which helps users share contact information and aims to do away with traditional business cards. The app racked up 4,000 downloads in one week.

According to Martin (pictured), it is essential to build a strong community of beta users who love the product and will share content around it on social media well ahead of a formal launch.

The company itself must be “hyper engaged” throughout the launch process, answering questions on Twitter within 30 seconds.

He also strongly recommended app marketers have a strategy in place for Product Hunt, a platform which curates apps, websites, and technology products, describing it as a “front window for startups”.

Before the launch, he said it is handy to have a website that puts the new app front and centre, and a brand building plan for social media.

Post launch, a press release for distribution among journalists and a proper press kit is key.

He also advised emailing links of the app itself, a blog post explaining the app, and a Product Hunt page for “your most respected and trusted peers”, as well as sending personal emails to influential people with access to large networks. It also doesn’t hurt to push friends for five-star reviews, he said.

It’s essential to not just push for the app to be downloaded, but genuinely ask for feedback, which is invaluable.

After the launch, Martin said its worth writing and sharing a blog post highlighting key metrics and lessons learned.