Independent app store GetJar announced its acquisition of Infrinity, which it describes as “a technology company that assists publishers in improving all aspects of customer lifecycle management, including acquisition, monetisation and retention.” In a statement, the company said that the acquired technology will “help GetJar improve app discovery, app recommendations, and the app store user experience.” Anand Venkataraman, founder and CTO of Infrinity, will join GetJar as VP of Discovery Technologies.

According to VentureBeat, Infrinity aids app discovery using “inference, friends and affinity” – which is also where its name is derived from. It is said to help find users with similar interests for cross-promotional activities, using a computer model which tracks preferences among users. It has also created online tools to provide detained campaign metrics for content portfolios.

Discovery is increasingly an issue for app developers, who in many cases are struggling to get products noticed as app catalogues for the leading stores head in to six figures. In March 2011, GetJar conducted a survey which found that only 25 percent of respondents used app stores to discover the latest products.