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Japan’s Docomo launches m-commerce firm globally

17 FEB 2016

London-based mobile commerce player Docomo Digital today boasted projects with mobile operators, retailers, content providers and social network platforms but did not name its partners.

The firm said its skill is having the tools and infrastructure to support others. “The company actively addresses regulatory and commercial issues between parties and operates a global banking-grade technical platform on which mobile commerce ecosystems can be securely built and managed,” it said in a statement.

It offers to bring together operators, e-commerce and real-world retailers, financial institutions and regulators.

The aim is to leverage the Japanese operator’s domestic experience for a worldwide audience. With a staff of 1,000, the firm has offices in Dusseldorf, Milan, Madrid, Paris and Florence.

The Italian bias is because Docomo Digital is built on two previous acquisitions – Italy’s Buongiorno, as well as net mobile of Germany.

Docomo Digital has been around seven years, but now the firm has developed global ambitions. CEO Hiroyuki Sato said: “Since 2009 we have patiently built and developed Docomo Digital into an organisation that can drive the evolution of mobile commerce.”

Part of the new drive is to promote financial inclusion, as the firm aims to serve both banked and unbanked customers, implying it will have a presence in the developing world.

The company can offer a gamut of services including digital media platforms, mobile payment services, such as direct carrier billing and mobile wallet, as well as technical support, consultancy and financial services through banking and e-money licenses.


Richard Handford

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