PRESS RELEASE: The highly anticipated OTF Digital Leadership Forum, aimed at driving digital transformation through talent development, was successfully hosted on 13th Oct in Dubai. This premier event brought together more than 60 global guests, including carriers, industry partners, ESCP Business School and TM Forum to explore innovative strategies in the ever-evolving digital landscape and witnessed the launching of Huawei L.E.A.D Program (Lighting Up Elite Talent, Accelerating Digital Transformation).

Jason Liu, president of Huawei Learning and Certification Service in his opening speech emphasized: Digital transformation is a comprehensive endeavor that requires enterprises to focus on digital practices, processes, and talent development. Business leaders need forward-thinking mindset and insights into cutting-edge technologies to formulate clear transformation strategies. Huawei, with its expertise in digital transformation, extracts best practices from the ICT industry to support customer talent transformation and facilitate successful implementation of digital initiatives.

During the Experience Lecture session, where the attendees gained valuable insights on the Hyper-Transformation Era and Developing the workforce of the future and driving towards net zero. Professor from ESCP Business School and expert from TM Forum shared their experiences and best practices in building a skilled workforce that is equipped to drive sustainable growth, while also contributing to net-zero emissions goals. Huawei Digital Talent Maturity Module was also introduced for helping companies assess and enhance their digital capabilities, promoting efficient operations, innovative products, and services and making outstanding contributions to industry transformation.

In the Practice Sharing session, carrier from ME&CA shared how to accelerate digital transformation specifically for talent development about real-world case studies and practical strategies to empower organizations to embrace digital transformation and unlock the full potential of their workforce.

A highlight of the forum was the launch of Huawei’s unique signature initiative, the L.E.A.D Program (Lighting Up Elite Talent, Accelerating Digital Transformation Program). This groundbreaking solution aims to equip organizations with the tools and resources needed to nurture digital talent and foster a culture of continuous learning in the digital age. The launching ceremony marked a significant milestone in the journey towards accelerating digital transformation. Attendees witnessed firsthand the unveiling of this innovative solution and learn how it can revolutionize talent development strategies for their organizations.