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Oberthur Technologies NFC SIM is first to receive EAL4 certification

14 JUL 2011

After being the first player in the industry to receive the Common Criteria certification for an Open Java platform in 2002, Oberthur Technologies, a world leader in the field of secure technologies, is proud to announce that its NFC FlyBuy card, an open Java USIM, is the first NFC & Global Platform v2.2 in the market to receive the very demanding and internationally renowned Common Criteria EAL4+ certification.

This certification has been obtained in conformity with the security requirements of USIM Protection Profile.
With this success, Oberthur Technologies offers to MNO the ability to issue NFC SIM cards with a level of security equivalent to most advanced payment and identity cards. The open Java Defensive1 architecture allows mobile operators to add a wide range of contactless services remotely, after field deployment of these NFC SIM cards.
“With this major achievement, Oberthur Technologies proves once again its leadership in the fields of NFC and security,” commented Xavier Drilhon, Managing Director of the Card Systems Division at Oberthur Technologies. 
“The arrival of NFC represents a quantum leap in the development of our industry. This requires the ability to download secure applications into the phone which is what we offer today by bringing the highest level of security into an open and interoperable SIM platform.”
This certification was granted to Oberthur Technologies by the Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information (ANSSI) with the highest level of attack resistance, and it testifies to product quality and compliance with security requirements. It shows Oberthur Technologies’ commitment to providing customers with secure products that meet the industry's most rigorous standards, setting the ground to deploy secure contactless services, such as payment, e-ticketing, mobile authentication, etc.
“We are glad to have supported the Common Criteria certification of Oberthur Technologies’ open Java USIM and flash memory platform. The certification process has proven to be very efficient, demonstrating the certification bodies’ ability to adapt to telecommunications demand. The availability of high security certified SIM Cards is a prerequisite to contactless services massive deployment”, said the ANSSI.


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