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CSL touts operator benefits of dropping unlimited data plans

20 DEC 2011

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Hong Kong operator CSL claims the industry’s move away from unlimited data offerings is a positive step for the carrier community and can point to success from its recent launch of LTE services to back up its argument.

In a new video interview with Mobile World Live, CSL’s chief marketing officer Mark Liversidge spoke of the challenges faced by switching on its LTE network to consumers earlier this year (becoming the first operator in Hong Kong’s advanced mobile market to do so) and how it is addressing the huge surge in demand for data services.

“Our approach is very simple. It is that we want to treat all customers equally in terms of their right to have access and also ensure that we provide our services at fair value and from a price perspective for customers. What that signals is really the end of unlimited,” he commented. “We want to start to educate consumers around their consumption behaviours and consumption habits.  We’ve started a program in the local market called ‘Why pay more?’ The purpose of that was to say to customers ‘you’re orientated to buying unlimited, but many of you have no need for unlimited, you actually have a relatively finite consumption of data. Just pay for what you consume and save yourself money.’ We launched volume based plans in May of 2011 and doubled the volume of our broadband connections, immediately. And that has been sustained to this point in time. And the entire take up of that doubling of our customer number has been around volume-based service plans. Customers have been buying it and they’ve been understanding the value element for themselves.”

Elsewhere in the video Liversidge reveals CSL’s plans for the launch of future LTE devices, spectrum ownership and what types of services and content are being driven by its new LTE network.

View the full video interview here.


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