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Antique Bank Smart Systems the ultimate option for every nation

26 JAN 2011

Antique Bank Smart Systems™ the ultimate option for every nation

Zero corruption, crime, carbon and poverty free largest Cloud banking of black- white economy settlements movement with next generation value added hand-held mobile internet devices (MID) smart banking systems credentials.

World’s largest cloud shelters of eMerge equity partnership Antique Bank Smart Systems™ Tie-Up (all life non-life risk adopted) Or Die-Up (unrest you by the your kind of family insecure life and non life, Business, Job and Governments handed supported by greedy politicians and corporate giants)

“The future markets that emerge by our Antique Bank Smart Systems™ and value added services and solutions. Benefits will be accrue to those for the poor of the poor and by the poor”

Their hand-held weapons are ready for imminent launch using the @Antique –Bank (MID) platform

Before Enter/Merge/Invest/ into our no risk factor of consumers, public, private and government were offered largest widest choices policy when it came to Antique Bank Smart Systems™ mobile & desktop smart systems and lowest cost value added services and third party liability credentials

will enable attached to all life non life product end to end secured risk adopted on one route monitoring by hand held(MID) we will giving all their data safe in our largest mobile Internet (Azure cloud) server bus and devices (MID)banking and generation next smart systems cane be afforded by poor to invest and their profits get sharing by our risk adoption policy development .All smaller and giant companies with the newest ideas simply did not have the big research and development budgets needed to realize their visions. Then introduced its business model: Antique Bank Smart Systems ™
The goal was simple: We are ready to provide all our smart systems value added services to wired and wireless companies with our R&D to bring their innovations to market.

The Process

Through our own R&D accomplishments and through strategic partnerships with other forward-thinking public private and government companies, Ape& SuperApe Entertainment & InfoTech Pvt Ltd develops the breakthrough technology wired or wireless companies need to power their business. We then openly license these innovations across the all industry, providing all companies-big or small-an equal opportunity to shape the future of wired or wireless.

The Effect

The results have been dramatic. Today, consumers have far more wireless choices than ever before…and the number just keeps on growing. Furthermore, with each new smart systems technology, with each revolutionary feature brought to market, come new customers and the additional revenue they bring. A portion of this revenue reaches us, enabling us to create another round of innovations. When we make continuing these next-generation smart systems developments available to wire or wireless companies, the cycle begins again.

The Future

With this model as its engine, the pace of wireless innovation has been remarkable-so much so, that our Mobile Internet (Azure Cloud) devices (MID) innovation will one of the fastest growing smart systems solution in the world today. And there are few industries that have made greater technological leaps over the next couple years. So it’s safe to say that, as long as there’s Ape& SuperApe Entertainment & InfoTech Pvt Ltd, there will be innovation in wire or wireless. Because innovation is more than something we do, it’s who we are. We are invite to all nation public, private and government policy makers and WTO/World Bank all industryall commerce chambers mobile unit users manufacture services providers investor have to merge our joint venture equity and merge partnership for hand held (MID) unit web page innovation of all Money, finance, life-non-life -route deal trackers by hand held Bar-coded systems attached with value added services of lowest cost hand held law, mobile court, food banking, carpool and more on-offline credentials We are developing (MID) to track all monetary transactions each currency and coin that changes hands would register its holders fingerprint and identifying by Mobile Internet Devices (MID)innovation black& white economy balanced banking and insured merge systems from end to end. Such tracked money will alleviate and prevent money hoarding by the rich affluent classes of society. This will enable better tax -collection, as money will be easily tracked as it routes its way from hand to hand. This will prevent hoarding and prevention of black marketing due to artificial shortages and money laundering as well and easily locates funds being diverted for unethical uses such as funds for terrorism or socially unacceptable causes. This kind of tracking will ensure correct benefit and usage of government allocated funds meant for social purposes so that it reaches the beneficiaries it was allotted to. Thanking you
Yours truly
Mr.Pradeep Gohil Managing Director
[email protected] (under development)
M/s Ape&SuperApe Entertainment &InfoTech (P) Ltd
303, A wing third floor Varun Valley Society Sheetal Nagar
near Children Academy school Kandivali (E) Mumbai 400101
Phone: 91 022 28862745
Duns No: 650375772


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