PRESS RELEASE: At MWC Barcelona 2024, Huawei was honored with the GSMA GLOMO “Best Network Software Breakthrough” award for its RAN Digital Twin System (RDTS) solution that is built into its IntelligentRAN. This accolade is a testament to Huawei’s dedication to revolutionizing software solutions based on customer requirements to enable wireless autonomous driving network, drive the digital, intelligent transformation of operator networks worldwide.

The GSMA judging panel commended the solution, saying, “Huawei IntelligentRAN introduces digital twins into wireless networks to empower 5.5G native intelligence, which provides ongoing support for operators to minimize CAPEX and OPEX, while also enhancing efficiency.”

Huawei Wireless Solution and AUTIN Jointly have built the RDTS for the first time in the industry based on the intelligent three-layer architecture of IntelligentRAN. The system constructs a full twin for RAN environments and network dynamic mechanism models. This enables the wireless networks to implement millisecond-level sensing, accurate trend prediction, and multi-objective decision-making. As such, the RDTS provides a solid foundation for autonomous network (AN) L4 of intelligent wireless solutions.

Based on the RDTS, Huawei launches the industry-leading wireless AN L4 solution.

  • Intelligent service operation (iLiveStreaming and WTTx Suite 2.0): Based on service-level digital twins, toC and toH service experiences (uplink live streaming and downlink home broadband) can be ensured for the first time. This enables operators to transform their monetization models from traffic-based to experience-driven.
  • Intelligent network optimization (iPowerStar): Optimal performance and energy saving are realized for the first time in the industry. Furthermore, based on network-level digital twins, iPowerStar implements in-depth energy saving and on-demand orchestration of energy saving policies during busy hours. This allows networks to have an energy saving rate of 35%, without incurring any loss to stable experience.
  • Simplified O&M (iKeyEvent): Based on site-level digital twins, the key event assurance solution is provided to predict network faults. This is the first time that the industry has attained these capabilities, helping achieve zero network faults and zero user complaints during key events.

Ma Hongbo, President of Huawei’s Wireless MAE Product Line, thanked GSMA for honoring Huawei with this award. “It is a recognition of the solution’s technical leadership and business value and also our contributions to wireless network intelligence.” Ma said that “Huawei will continue to work with industry partners to develop industry standards and build consensus in intelligent architecture, applications, and Communication Large Model, etc., to expand the industry space. Huawei is committed to customer-driven technical innovations that will help operators advance towards a new phase of digital intelligence.”