PARTNER CONTENT: The 14th edition of Huawei’s Global Mobile Broadband Forum (MBBF) returns to the ultra-modern city of Dubai, with the spotlight on how to ‘Bring 5.5G into Reality’, and again featuring a vast line-up of executives from across the world speaking on the hottest issues impacting the industry.

The event runs from 10 to 11 October at the Jafza One Convention Centre, with support from industry partners GSMA, GTI and the Samena Telecommunications Council. It is set to attract more than 1,200 influential leaders from operators, vertical industries and the wider ecosystem.

The two-day conference and exhibition gives executives in mobile and adjacent vertical industries the opportunity to hear, and observe, how 5G business models, the overall ecosystem and 5.5G commercialisation are evolving in the Middle East and all around the world.

First full-series 5.5G product solutions
One of the biggest highlights of this year’s MBBF will be the release of the industry’s first full-series 5.5G products and solutions. Since 19 operators joined the GSMA 5G Futures Community this March, there has been considerable progress on the innovation and verification of key 5.5G technologies and scenarios. Huawei, with this advocate launch, will help operators smoothly evolve from 5G to 5.5G, promote network experience from ubiquitous gigabit to 10Gb/s, and help operators build simplified, green, and intelligent top-quality networks. The next question is which operators will experience Huawei’s 5.5G products?

As the definition of the main network capabilities of 5.5G is to improve the bandwidth capability by 10 times based on 5G, achieve a 10-fold increase in the number of connections, 10-fold latency reduction, and 10-fold energy efficiency improvement, it imposes strict requirements on wireless technology innovation.

With the launch of the industry’s first full series of 5.5G products and solutions, Huawei will reveal its latest technologies and hard capabilities, such as ELAA-MM, ultra-bandwidth, “0 bit 0 watt”, and network intelligence enabled by large models. It is expected to generate widespread attention from the global ICT industry. 

First 5.5G outdoor showcase in the Middle East
During MBBF 23, Middle East operators will jointly launch the first overseas 5.5G outdoor showcase in Dubai, featuring 10Gb/s peak rate, cost-effective reduced capability (RedCap) innovations, and FWA² home experience, all showing the reality of 5.5G.

Now that 5G FWA has become a benchmark service in the Middle East, local operators have focused on FWA², which provides differentiated services to different customers to help operators in the Middle East continue to succeed in 5G.

This year’s MBBF will also will host special invitation-only discussions. Returning again for its 24th anniversary is the prestigious CTO Roundtable on the opening day, where mobile industry leaders will share 5G best practice and explore 5.5G innovations.

As operators continue to build high-quality networks, how can they work with industry partners to create a prosperous industry ecosystem, sustain 5G business value, open up new business growth, and enable enhanced network experience and sustainable development?

MBBF 23 provides the optimal platform for global ICT leaders to talk and share ideas. In addition to the FWA business that stands out in the Middle East, it is expected that more business applications, for example, naked eye 3D, XR, and AIGC, are destined to become hot topics.

Join us in Dubai to gain exclusive insight into these new trends, as we ‘Bring 5.5G into Reality.’